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You know that Fashion Week has lost direction when goody bags have grocery items stuffed into them. I heard one show had instant coffee samples and olive oil sachets.

Not only is there no cachet in a sachet but it also just seems wrong and irrelevant.

When your expectations have been elevated by the glamorous hype of fashion to have one's bubble pricked by the banality of the supermarket seems counter-intuitive to me. You could argue that, because it is unexpected, it has cut through. Tenuous post-rationalisation I would reply - the kid of argument that supports running irritating ads on a high rotation on the premise that the fact that nobody likes them makes them more powerful.


People don't buy things from people they don't like.

Trelise Cooper seems to have zagged while others zigged. According to Simply You she excelled with her invitation and goody bag for kids.

"Trelise Cooper may have stolen the show well before Fashion Week has even begun. This year, while most designers took a stroll down easy street by simply group emailing out their show invitations, Trelise Cooper raised the bar (again) and developed a stylized invitation set to seduce even the most cynical “front-row” fashionistas.

The invitation to her winter 2008 collection show arrived in the form of a small black box. Inside lay an intricately designed coin pendant with the words TRELISE COOPER – WINTER 2008 engraved around the edge."

Having said that, Auckland Fashion Week seems to have passed without the usual breathless media hype. Perhaps the high milk solid prices earned by dairy farmers has reminded us that fashion design is a niche activity and is microbial in its input to the New Zealand economy compared to the net import volumes of 5 packs of kiddies undies and polycotton flannelette jimjams into The Warehouse distribution chain.

Fashion is more interesting though.

Speaking of which: came across this clip from New York Fashion Week 07. An interactive media concept for Elle McPherson Intimates by New Zealand brand Bendon. As pedestrians pass by the store windows the Human Locator's image sensors detect their movement and animate the imagery on-screen. There is something compelling about the technology and it is well used in the context of the Intimates store window.

According to FreeSet, HumanLocator's developers:
Human Locator is an interactive visual system developed by Freeset and designed expressly for advertising. Drawing on cutting edge computer visualization techniques to track full body movement in real time, it allows consumers to actively participate in and interact with advertising. At the same time the system provides advertisers with measurable viewer data. Freeset's Human Locator system cuts through day-to-day visual clutter and attracts and holds the consumer's attention with interaction. Human Locator brings the interactivity of the Internet to real-world environments.

Certainly a whole lot more exciting and relevant than a packet of olive oil.

Has anyone ever done a 'baddy bag?'

Humn Locator link via Brand DNA


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