Life lived large

Ron Mueck makes astonishing works of art. His hyper-real sculptures of humans are fantastic. Not because they are fantasies but because they are such keen observations of everyday people. He shifts perceptions by shifting the scale of the works. An enormous sculpture of a woman lying in bed, with a look on her face that makes one wonder what is going through her mind - the impression is one of affinity and identification - never mind that she is 15 feet long (or more)and largely made of fibreglass.

It also interests me that Mueck made his start in art servicing the needs of advertisers with animatronics and realistic models. The crossover between art and commerce is more common than you might expect. Sometimes it flows in one direction - art to commerce and sometimes the other way. Either way I think it enriches and informs both.

See more of this artists incredible work.


  1. I went to an exhibition of his work when I was living in London. Amazing. It's the sheer scale of things that gets to you. Unsettling, yet you are drawn to take a closer look. He also had a massive, and I do mean massive, child in the Millenium Dome. He's Australian too!


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