Fishy design ideas

Hey, it's the weekend. Relax. Take your fish for a walk. A new product for the aptly titled Geekologie blog.

I used to keep fish in a cookie jar on my desk. Nothing in the jar except two goldfish and kermit green stones in the bottom.

It suited my slightly affected 'creative' schtick.

I switched them from their cosy, if stark (in a Corbusier kind of way) jar to a more baroque, retro candy dispensor. The silicon sealed plug I made to keep it watertight (normally the candy dispensed from the bottom)proved less than reliable. Fed em up for the long weekend. Teknikos promlematikos. Leak. Not good. Worse for the fish.

So I'm sensitive to the mistreatment of goldfish.

It's a guilt thing.

Is there a statute of limitations at the SPCA?


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