Show no mercy

Collaboration isn't easy. But it is essential. Especially if you want a good grade in my marketing communications class.

I have set an assignment that is something of an experiment. The entire class are to work on a project. All are to make a contribution to branding, developing the product and promoting an online TV channel for the design school to promote ideas and innovation.

The work has been divided, tasks assigned, jobs to be done - it requires individual effort and shared responsibility. At the end there will be one mark, one grade. Win or lose. Just like real life.

To make it fair each of the students must keep a record of their ideas and contributions to the project in the form of a blog.

Today was the first day back in class after a two week study break. The room was almost empty.I was disappointed. I wanted to hear how the project was going and make sure that things were on track. So I lectured those that were present about the importance of being present and participating responsibly. In future anyone absent with the leave of their peers would result in a reduction in the collective grade by 2%. They have six week - 12 sessions to go - so it could be the first time in the history of the world that every student earns a negative percentage score.

I enjoyed being a merciless tyrant - if only for a day.


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