The motorcycle diary

If I was to stand upright on the foot brake of my mortorcycle to exert as much downward force from the pads to the rear drum as possible in order to avoid colliding with the back end of an 18 wheeler the only significant difference it would make would be the shape of the blood splatter. The CSI team would simply surmise I had stood up at the moment of impact. And they would be baffled by the apparent absence of any skid mark to demonstrate any kind of attempt at self preservation. The brake is pathetic.

Recently I've developed an aversion to yanking on the front anchors. The result is usually less than glamorous and involves another big dent on my helmet and/or my pride/dignity.

So I have decided the thing to do is to maintain speed. If I want to slow down - chop it down a couple of cogs and let different laws of physics play out. The bonus is it sounds better too and with higher revs more power is available to exit the problem zone.

If I was to apply this kind of thinking to business strategy I would say that a smooth, speedy forward progression is much more exhilirating and probably safer than a staccato stop-go approach. On a bike (or in car) for that matter I always have in the back of mind the question - where do I go if the vehicle in front suddenly stops and can I do it without loosing momentum? Braking introduces too many fresh risks, losing speed not only costs time but also requires more resources than maintaining momentum


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