Trying something new

Trip to Mars
This post is a trial. I'm using a blog editor that has been recommended Guy Kawasaki. It's called MarsEdit.
So far I can't see the point. The built in Blogger tools seem to work just fine for me.

RSS Rocks.
I can recommend the Sage RSS reader - plugin for Firefox. I haven't really used RSS feeds much but I think I'm a convert.

Of course no one preaches like the converted.

Gun Running
Watched Andy Niccol's Lord of War. Like most Niccol's movies it it based on a strong concept and beautifully executed. Gattaca, SimOne and The Truman Show are amongst my favourite flicks. Before heading for London he worked at Rialto Advertising in Auckland. I took over his office. By all accounts he is a very driven man. has a very clear vision of what he wants and gets it. Gotta admire that in a fellow.


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