In the beginning - Spore

i have to confess that the only computer game I have ever played was SimCity. I found it utterly hypnotic. It was barely a game at all by conventional understanding of the term. But I played it or, rather, played with it for weeks before being distracted by something else - the Internet I think.

So I was fascinated to watch/listen to Will Wright, the creator of SimCity and its spawn The Sims (a precursor to SecondLife maybe?). In particular I enjoyed his thoughts on how we learn and reframing thinking from the immediate gratification of the short term to a much longer span.

In the beginning of the game you are a single cell. As the game progresses so do you, when you drag yourself from the ocean to the land you get to evolve yourself (designing your organism) until, ultimately you head out into space (If you want to).

It is a fascinating presentation, well worth watching.


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