tape hiss

This morning I was invited by David Slack as a guest on Findlay McDonald's radio show (Radio Live). The name of the station was ironic on this occasion. As I drove into the city for the interview I thought I should tune in to get the flavour of the session. I caught a fragment of an Australian correspondent describing rising water reserves in New South Wales as it transitions from drought to flood stricken-ness. Then the line went dead.

When I arrived at the station my hosts informed me they were off the air. Some problem with their transmitter. Not to worry. I sat in the booth with Messrs Slack and McDonald chatting generally while Zoe coloured in on the chair beside me. I felt a little relieved in a way - its a lot of pressure being called in as an 'expert' on brands. I've learned that media people can ask questions that are unexpected to spice up the conversation.

When we finally got underway the conversation was pretty easygoing. The most interesting part was probably the sound of my daughter's pen on paper as she coloured in quietly throughout - un-phased as ever by the experience.

I have to tell you that it is noticeably cold in typically temperate Auckland. I may have to invest in some thermals.


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