Me v.s. Guy Kawasaki

OK. This is what my blog is 'worth'. And below it is what Guy Kawasaki's blog is 'worth':

My blog is worth $4,677,213.90.
How much is your blog worth?

Wa wa wee wa...heppy days...

There's a movie on Mr Kawasaki's blog (I feel obliged to call him Mr Kawasaki now - sort of like one of Donald Trump's apprentice wannabe's ) that I like because it supports my theory about disintermediated creativity. How about the guy who puts in a couple of hours a day, makes 6 million dollars a year from Google's Adsense programme and has no employees. I like the sound of that. No Employees. Start your own gig, …I don't want to be the laird of the manor. I'm sure if you looked inside your heart you wouldn't want to be my serf either (because that would be seriously kinky).

No Plan, No Model, No Problem...(1.5 Hours but worth it).


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