Serious media

Hmm...exaaactly. John Stewart on the money as usual.

Of local note this week was site of Mark Sainsbury's bathos laden coverage of the young woman hounded by the Weekend Herald after she spoke anonymously to the rival Sunday news about her knowledge of deviant sex practices in the police to the extent that she committed suicide. He has a short memory. His own show harrassed a young woman on the street outside the district court in Auckland after she had pleaded guilty to a drink drive charge (not a criminal offence in New Zealand - simply a offence under the Transport Act) and in the name of 'name and shame'.

Well New Zealand 'journalists', consider yourselves 'named', oh and erm... 'shamed'.

I'm pretty sure the ratings on TVOne have been steadily falling and newspaper readership will soon be able to huddle in a draughty community hall.


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