Nervous ticks

My watch ticks.

Now that might not sound very surprising but the thing is that I haven't worn a wristwatch for nearly four years. Why would I? My laptop has a clock, my cellphone has a clock and, quite frankly, I'm not driven by compulsive time keeping. I could probably adjust to my circadian rhythm and cope with requests for my presence.
So my new watch ticks. Nothing at all digital about it. In fact, no battery and no automatic movement. It has been marking the passage of time since the 1920s - or so I am told. I don't really care, any more than if it doesn't keep perfect time. The old girl's workings have had a bit of a clean. A new lens replaced the yellowed, crazed original, a new (nylon) strap makes it functional - if anyone knows where I can get a nice continuous leather band to loop through the lugs soldered onto the case I'd be grateful for the tip.

So, have I become a Luddite? No, not at all. With the pending launch of the Apple iPhone making the news tonight I am reminded - I WANT ONE - but I'll have to wait 35,536,000 ticks at least.


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