'Get thee behind me Satan..."

How about this ad for Lynx?
(Lead me not into temptation...)

Nun ad Lynx

Driving back from a meeting this morning I caught the music review on the National Programme on the radio. Two singers were discussed, neither of whom I had heard of before. Both I would describe in the chanson style but from different ends of the musical spectrum Martha Scanlan and Carla Bruni.
I thought Scanlon's sound was similar to The Cowboy Junkies and Michelle Shocked (remember the Anchorage song). I googled both performers. Turns out Bruni is an heiress with talent. The anti-Paris, ironically the video for her song is set in Paris the town. She was a supermodel and socialite - busted up one of Mick Jagger's marriages (which she denied by claiming to have been but one of 10 lovers). Great sound though. Like the guitars.


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