Drink water. Walk slow.

I haven't been writing because I haven't felt like it. Or eating. Been knocked about by a cold or flu. Haven't had an official diagnosis because I don't believe in rushing to a doctor to be told what I already know. Most colds just pass, don't they? When I was a kid there was another kid in my class who had a perpetually dewey nose. There was always a droplet on the end of his nose or a crusty delta from nose to lip. He went on to become an accountant and fine, upstanding member of the community. Even his chronic malady seemed to pass.

I need to finish marking first semester assignments tomorrow, so back up to Massey in the morning. I took some pictures of the chickens the other day - chickens and pukeko - they wander freely about the village. It's kind of funky. Every now and then there's a cull, but mostly they are left to themselves. When my ex ran her idealog cover number 10chiropractic clinic in the village we went for lunch together one day, locking the door behind us. When we returned and unlocked the door there was a flapping of wings, a couple of flying feathers and an outraged chicken making a desperate bid for freedom. She left a gift, a n egg on the cushion of a chair at the top of the stairs -still warm. I'm sure if we foraged Zoe and I could find a basket of free range eggs.

So, nothing much to report. No profound thoughts or observations.
The new Idealog magazine is out. Issue number 10, some interesting reading - haven't felt like spending time with yet. Let me know what you think of my column. Are we developing a fetish for showing talented you women with tattoos on the cover?


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