The End

I can't go on. Or, rather, I can go on. That's the problem.
I've decided to confine my blog posts to stimulating matters of interest, rather than rants about things like the Muliaga fiasco. And in th run up to the election for the New Zealand parliament I am going to avoid talking about politics, political parities* and the other things that agitate me. The problem with being non-partisan is that every party does things that bug me (whereas if I had a favourite team I could forgive, turn a blind eye or, better still, blame the other party for woeful indiscretions and cock-ups of my own side). It seems to me the issues that matter (to me at least) are non-partisan in any case: taking 'sides' on issues like sustainability, justice (different from law and order) and the pursuit of happiness (or at least decent, enjoyable lives) etc...are not matters that should be subject to political debate. What reasonable person doesn't want these things? Given that New Zealand's population is less than the margin of error if you were to census the planet's humans it seems to me that spending money on arguing the toss is like deciding which shade of off-white to choose for your kitchen make-over.

*Not a Freudian Slip.

So, I will concentrate on the following topics:
    The creative economy
    media trends
    Toby jugs
    consumer trends
    light hearted ephemera

Sometimes I will mix and match to conjure a festive cornucopia, a collision of cascading creativity.

Most of all I will try to concentrate on discussing ideas that I think matter and propose solutions or alternate perspectives with one end in mind - to spur your thinking.

I realise that 'some people would rather die than than think...and they do'. But that's not the end of the world-is it? Well, it is for them; but you know what I mean.

The Beginning...


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