Results now in...

I've had a survey going on the blog for a while. I waited till there were a hundred responses at least. Just checked in an the quota has been passed and here are the stats:

What do you think of the topics covered?

Balanced 0.00%
Random 13.10%
Interesting 84.20%
Dull 2.70%

Rate the quality of writing

awful 0.00%
ok 2.70%
good 23.00%
very good 38.50%
excellent 35.80%

What do you think of third party content (YouTube videos etc)

Very Interesting 38.50%
Quite Interesting 53.90%
Not Very Interesting 7.60%

I realise the questions are ambiguous or open to interpretation - but that's how these things go. Data isn't enough to make decisions on. Funny to note nobody thought it is 'balanced'. Quite Right.

As you were....



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