A little some thing for the weekend?

"The world is an unequal and unjust place, in which some are born into wealth and some into hunger and misery. To explore why, in this ... all » controversial Channel Four documentary the young Swedish writer Johan Norberg takes the viewers on a journey to Taiwan, Vietnam, Kenya and Brussels to see the impact of globalisation, and the consequences of its absence. It makes the case that the problem in the world is not too much capitalism, globalisation and multinationals, but too little."

I found this video interesting and thought provoking - put an hour aside. Move over Bono here comes Johan Norberg…

It is interesting that the Swedes were the first to have a multinational company - When Nobel invented dynamite the Swedish government banned the export of explosives so Nobel was forced to establish factories in other countries. I used to date a Swedish girl - curiously enough she was a Swedish Swedish massage therapist. Where is she when I need her? I have a pain in my neck from falling asleep sitting up in bed waiting for the Americas Cup races - which kick off at about 1 am. A vicarious sporting injury.


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