Breaking the (jelly) mould

Conventional wisdom says that car ads should conform to specific sets of rules. Or so it would seem. Winding roads, perhaps a music track that has been appropriated emphasise how rebellious you are or sophisticated, or funky or... (insert - vacuous description here). Populate your ad with shiny examples of the kinds of people you imagine might enjoy your little ensemble of technology, plastic, metal and rubbery bits.

Thankfully Fallon in London have come up with a new recipe and if it doesn't make you go all gooey about Skoda then nothing will.

In my case nothing will because I will never forget the night of my school ball. I was 15...the woeful Skoda Sabre I had borrowed to transport my date broke the rain. Not a good look. Sharon Whitaker never spoke to me again. Damn you Skoda!...damn you all to hell.

Visit the Fallon website

That's an order.


  1. I tracked down the Skoda recipe and posted it on my blog the other day. Take a look - Sugar buzz guaranteed!


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