Cold, blustery weather today. I slipped into Newmarket and caught a movie at the Rialto complex. I decided I would get a ticket to whatever the next screening was. As it happened the film was Paris Je t'aime . I'd seen the trailer on the Quicktime site..."Why not?" I thought. Unfortunately, once the film had ended I was left with just the 'Why?".

The movie is a series of vignettes directed by a number of directors. All are set in Paris. Nothing wrong with that; you could set a series of vignettes in Paris and populate them with well known actors doing little cameo turns and it would turn out ok.

Alright, no it wouldn't.

Too many flavours, too many half formed, badly expressed ideas.

One minute Bob 'oskins is a middle aged man trying to rekindle his passion for his wife by picking her up in a bordello, then next Frodo Baggins is trying to get it on with a vampire. I know, sounds terrible doesn't it? It was. I was eager for the end to hove into view so that I could partir (I hate to leave the a movie before the end. It's the Scots part of me je suis désolé)

Still, I've been wrong before. On IMDB it scores well. Check out the cast and crew list. I've never seen so many executive producers. Too many cooks perhaps?


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