Something to..umm... look forward to

Ecky thump, by the eck, mooms n dads are goin' t' loove this. The producers of American Idol have ratcheted the game back a few notches. Pop Idol meets the Royal Variety Gala meets the old Barrymore My Kind of People formula. Things have gotten to the point where dumbing down becomes dumbing up. Take a proven formula. Give it a tweek. Find a way of adding children into the mix and away we go. I can sense the dark shadow of Britain's Got Talent looming.
And before you take a shot at me for criticising the cute little kid who sings, I'm not. It's just there's only so much Aspartame I can chew.
Oh and please...please...No New Zealand franchise. Please.

Thanks to Singapore's MrBrown for the advance warning.


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