Yanks go home.

I have been watching the Americas Cup in Valencia. Too many late nights.

Last night's semi final by Oracle BMW vs Prada's Luna Rosa was catastrophic for the Americans.

Most of the team on board Oracle are Kiwis. The Skipper was Chris Dickson who has been a public figure in New Zealand since he was the skipper of KZ7 in Perth, the first NZ Challenge.

Listening to he pre-race panel discussion tonight it seems that Larry Ellison has fired Dickson. On one hand understandable. Oracle was the hands-down favourite before the semi-finals. Their first round-robin performance was totally dominating.

I'm no sure that firing Dickson is a great decision at this stage of the game. Petulance.

Reminds me of the old adage in advertising: NEVER work for entrepreneurs. They know everything (apparently). And when the things they require you to do don't work: It's YOUR fault.

I'm backing Luna Rosa tonight.

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