Ahoy - hungry like the wolf

This commercial for Old Spice lets rip some good, old fashioned post-modern irony. But, strangely, the agency (or client, it's hard to be certain which) insists on the inclusion of little mnemonic devices like 'Ahoy' being dropped in casually here and there. Ok, not so casually. And what's with the little whistle at the end all about.

All the same it's nice to know that it isn't just the Lynx/Axe guys who get the girls.

Not sure about the package design either - and why is your deoderant in the living room.

Thanks to Ana Samways' Spare Room blog for the link ...oh, and the information that the actor is Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead trilogy, Maniac Cop, Spider-Man cameos). I must have missed Maniac Cop (not to mention Manaic 2, 3). IMDB gave it a 5.5 and offers up the 'Memorable Quote": Frank McCrae: Gina this isn't about romance. It's about murder.

Ahoy indeed.


  1. Ahoy matey -- The logo for Old Spice has always been a ship. The original ads, at least the ones I can remember from when I was a child in the USA, always had a sailor or nautical theme. As for the whistle at the end, again it is a flashback to the original marketing music for the brand. I guess it is an attempt to remind the "old folks" what the product is as the TVC doesn't make it very clear.


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