America's Cup

Today I bored my advertising class at Massey University with the odd idea that, in the future (now) they will be asked to create ideas that extend a little further than the edges of the double page spread or the the narrative structuures if a 30 second TVC.

So it interested me to see Bruno Trouble being interview by TVNZ at the America's Cup in Valencia, Spain.

Monsieur Trouble is a familiar figure to Aucklanders. Even I remember him toodling around town in/on his BMW thingy motorbike (don't know the model name, sorry - big C cab).

I seems the idea of the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger series was his.

What a great idea.

I've heard kiwis saying they aren't interested in the Americas Cup.

I'm not believing them.

I love it.

In part because Louis Vuitton made it interesting.

Bring it home gentlemen.

There is a point by the way.

Combining editorial and advertising is the way forward. In the future I'd like to see more ed and less ad.

If you don't mind.


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