When are you going to stop drinking and driving?

The Police say that the public are ignoring the drink driving messages in the LTSA commercials.
The interesting thing is that the police made their announcement after a roadside blitz that caught a high number of alleged offenders. This then somehow translates into more people are drink driving inspite of the messages, rather than the more we police the more we find. Therefore...if we policed more we'd catch more. It doesn't seem to follow that the numbers have anything to do with the messages.

I doubt that advertising is the answer to changing community attitudes. Behavioural change precedes attitudinal change (according to the theory of cognitive dissonance).

I did think the commercials in this series from Canada were hard hitting - if you will pardon the pun.


  1. When I was in high school we had a driving class that all kids had to take before they got their driver's licence. In this class we had to watch a movie called Red Asphalt which showed real pictures of accidents including the dead bodies. We were warned about the graphic content but had to sit through the entire film anyway. Some children threw up because it was so gory. I was terrified to drive after that. I think showing something similar regarding drunk drivers may help to change attitudes. However people with a serious alcohol problem are not in touch with reality and will probably not change until it's too late.


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