Stupid Ads

Its Friday, so a sigh of relief.

Came across a light hearted site by musician Ian Morris (a member of Th'Dudes). Worth a look. I couldn't agree more with most of his judgments - though I am surprised that there aren't more entries.

Stupid Ads

As I write there is a commercial on the tele that I think qualifies: "What does your toilet say about you?" How about "You should go easy on those curries squire...". Which reminds me of a pretty stupid ad I made years ago. I had a sports car I needed to sell so I ran an ad in the National Business Review with the headline" Quicker than a vindaloo through a pensioner." Didn't sell the car but I did field a number of calls from irate pensioners who vented their fury like, well, a vindaloo through a pensioner.

Another stupid ad on the tele, more of a promo really but I am heartily sick of the TVOne promos..."Blue Eyed sun...". Drivel.


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