Subway - how low can you go?

On the news tonight the story about Subway firing and requesting a police prosecution of a member of their staff for sharing a soft drink with a friend. The employee was entitled to a free drink, but not to offer any to the friend. That, according to Subway is stealing.

Perhaps I have different values to Subway, but I do not think that, in this instance the response has been appropriate. As an employer the correct thing to have done would have to have been to discuss the matter with the employee, to guide them and remind them of the company's policies. A little perspective.

Treating employees as disposable, despicable units suggests a level of contempt that should not go unrewarded.

I suggest that you don't eat at Subway. I won't and neither will my kids. No hardship to me because I think their food is tasteless.

Criminalising, vilifying and impugning a low wage individual shows us what Subway really think of people. The individual will be enduring a dispropotionate amount of stress, anxiety and financial pressure - lawyers cost a lot of money. The matter should be dismissed immediately and police time should go to something of consequence.

As an aside I think the way that Subway advertises their product is dishonest. They associate their brand with weight-loss. Only a portion of their menu is has the characteristics yet the implication is that their entire menu is better for you than competitor brands. Probably not supportable. (Mind you they are not alone in distorting the perception of their brands by introducing supplementary associations).


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