Music maestro, please.

In the 1980s you couldn't visit a cafe or virtually any other public place without hearing Sade. I was watching a B movie on TV this evening and heard a track from The Jam - you remember the Jam? The movie featured 'our very own' Lucy Lawless as a dominatrix. A fine performance from a fine young actress. Ahem. Obviously someone pitched a crossover role to her agent to transition from TV (Xena) to celluloid. Doesn't seem to have worked. I hope she had a contract that continues to reward her for her 'Maxwell Smart' role. Saw Ms Lawless live in the Vagina Monologues. She did a sterling job but I had to leave - too disturbing.

But back to Sade. An American friend, Barbara Bieler (ne Blank) took me to her concert at His Majesty's Theatre. It was a defining moment in my musical education. Don't go the the latest hyped up performer's show.

And that is why I won't go to Pink's show.

Oops, exposed as out of date.

Footnote: My first wife's uncle demolished His Majesty's Theatre. We can't be doing with having a past in Auckland.

3rd: The movie was called EuroTrip
(No actual Europeans were harmed in the making of this film)
Johanna Lumley didn't make the cut (except in the credits) - Vinny Jones does but probably wishes he didn't.

Eurotrip soundtrack is excellent


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