When X meets Why?

Well, here’s a first.
Blog number 450 is being written not online but in MS Word.
Feels kind of weird.
“But why?” you ask. (I can intuit these things).
It’s simple really.
I pay Xtra sixty bucks a month and they provide me with slow, unreliable service.
I’d like to know ‘why’?
I don’t understand a transaction that goes something like this:
I give you $719.40 a year; you blow it on a barrage of existential commercials: a girl, a boy, a soundtrack, a kiss – all in service of the ‘idea’ that incredible things happen when X meets Y.

Clever eh?
X for Xtra, Y for Yahoo…I get it.
What I don’t get is access to the Internet. A.K.A. : Service.
The thing is that we’re not talking about a little player. Xtra, for those of you who didn’t know, is owned by Telecom, you may have heard of them.

Seems to me when gigantic gets it horribly wrong it’s, …well, pathetic.

Remind me to buy a share so I can have some curled up sandwiches and the opportunity to curse the board of directors in person – maybe get a discount too.

When you create advertising hold this thought:

What’s in it for me?

I’m your customer.

By the way the new Telecom mobile commercials are lame – they seem to have lost their way big time. Can someone unravel the bunny.

Give the account to Lowe, they did such a great job with Vodafone (who, if the Telecom ads were any good, would be having the arses kicked. Thank goodness for rubbish ads eh?).

Said ‘eh’, or something like it twice.

But I am not Canadian.

Footnote: I rather like how Telecom announce on their helpline that ‘some Telecom customers may be unable to connect…’(I figured that. How? Because I can’t connect to the Internet!)…but then they add the kicker “Check your modem…” i.e. It could be your fault, even though we know it’s ours. Seeding doubt is terrific strategy if you’re up for murder…but in this scenario how about you just give me an estimate of when you’ll be back online. I have a client waiting for a site to go live.


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