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Big nostalgia trip on the tele tonight.

A doco about Th'Dudes on TVOne.

For those of you who don't know, Th'Dudes were, at their peak New Zealand's greatest band. And a great band they were too.

I feel a little guilty, having watched the show. I used to finagle my way into Th'Dudes shows at the legendary Gluepot even though I was far too young - shorter and skinnier than Dave Dobbyn ever was (OK, maybe not).

I was there when the band was pelted with eggs at Sweetwaters. My friends may have pelted them with cans - or was that The Eurythmics? It was the beginning of my punk awakening - even though I had flirted with it by wangling my way into Zwines, the Punk Club downtown to watch the Suburban Reptiles after Punk had gathered momentum here in Auckland.

Ironically I heard the finale of Th'Dudes final gig at the St. James from outside on the street. I was walking a date back to her car.

We heard the last tune from outside, I think it was 'Bliss' bringing the house down. I think we'd watched an arty flick at the Academy cinema under the city library. The band rocked. The crowd went wild. And I went home with a smile on my face. Again.

As a footnote to the documentary: it was nice to see Hammond Gamble at the beginning of the documentary. I must have seen Street Talk's final live concert about five times. THEY were my favourite band before I changed sides. NZ's version of Rory Gallagher - maybe better though.

Feeling nostalgic...maybe a little.

Ironic that Ian Morris of Th'Dudes is also author of Stupid Ad (which I posted about the other day).


  1. Jason Kemp1:54 pm

    For a different version of "Walking in Light" check track 11

  2. Yes, it's different alright ;-)


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