To hell with status quell

I have been thinking about our job. Communicators that is. Everybody consumes. That's just the way of the 21st Century. But what provokes people to take up time consuming then interpreting it with a pain in the ass and risky activity like blogging?

Let me posit an idea.

Some people are compelled to make meaning.
They look at the night sky they invent astrology.
They correspond with the facts (and some times the facts don't write back).
What is observed seems to relate to the human condition.
Some people observe the natural world and feel it is so perfect it needs no further realistic interpretation. They invent their own vision/version. Picaso comes easily to mind. Frank Gehry. Ralph Hotere.
Each, in their own way,'carves' a new totem.

The people who see life their way, not as it is - but how it is for them - and who then interpret it for us are the people I respect.

Their output: music, paintings, books, poems, software, systems...ideas for figuring out the world, influencing others and creating a shift - they are the people I care for.

To hell with status quo - to hell with status quell.

The reason I like the bloggers on the left is for the reasons above.


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