UnHappy Meals

I approve of the McDonalds pasta zoo snack for kids. My daughter enjoys it; though she tells me the sauce is 'disgusting'.

Along with the Happy Meal came a free sample of this new product from Watties. The Zoe test? Disgusting I'm afraid. She didn't like the taste or the mushy baby food texture.

I didn't like the excessive packaging. The heavy duty plastic cap for a small single serve seems grotesquely over the top. So, a single children's snack - about half a dozen animal shaped ravioli in a printed cardboard box, milk in a plastic cup (with lid) and straw with flavour beads, a paper bag, a set of plastic thongs, a plastic toy with with five components, plus stickers and a plastic outer.

All you people saving up for a Toyota Prius...don't waste your time. McDonalds has too much of a head start, just keep pumping gas into your Porsche Cayenne. What the hell, upgrade to the V12 and drive with the aircon on and the windows down.

No more happy meals.

A little less packaging please.


  1. Anonymous7:47 am

    Yep our kids got a free sample on an Air NZ flight and didn't much like it.

    I guess you could always just decide to forego the happy meal and go get some fruit or something - consumers voting (or at least sending messages) with their feet or something???


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