Electric cars and Magazine awards

My car has issues at the moment. An intermittent fault that means every now and then it will just - stop and refuse to go for several minutes. I can't figure it out and my mechanic makes those expensive facial expressions accompanied by the drawing in his breath...that's right, one of those problems.
So I've been looking around at my options.
I came across this little piece from Popular Mechanics and think I'd quite like an electric Mini Cooper. Ok, I'll just come right out and say it. I'd quite like any Mini Cooper. Or even a car that was reliable.

Tonight is the MPA magazine awards dinner. Idealog is up for a couple of gongs. The rival in our category is Unlimited magazine. The guys from HB Media are ex Unlimted people so it will be a symbolic victory if we win. I have some doubt because Unlimited has so many more finalist nominations in other categories. It might be that the old favourite beats out the challenger. Who knows. It will be an interesting evening. I don't exactly feel the tension will be electric...


  1. gemma7:57 pm

    I sympathise. My car used to get stuck in third and only change down when I turned the engine off. And the electric windows would get stuck in 'down' mode. And the power steering broke. As did the air con. But then, it was French. In the end, I had to go and buy myself a nice reliable German car. Minis are practically German now, right?

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