The whole ball of seaweed

Seaweed ball by david macgregor
Some time ago I went for a walk with a friend on Piha beach.
She found an exceptionally long strand of seaweed washed up on the black sand. As we walked she dragged it along behind her. Being a creative sort she made it into a ball - a slick salty black ball of kelp (I think).

I kept it but it has begun to go mouldy and, I have to say, smell bad. So, I made a quick record of it for posterity and amusement. No great meaning or significance. But isn't it funny how a small artifact can evoke pleasant memories. I suppose that is why we buy nasty little souvenirs when on holiday?

The original? It had to go. It is composting in the garden.

It pales by comparison to this ball, a public sculpture in Berlin (see more Strange Statues from around the world here...)
Berlin ball scuplture


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