No camera...action!

Here's an interesting idea. Open-source film.
Stray cinema allows you to download wild footage, shot in London. You then use your editing software to mash it up, add your own narrative, music, effects etc. Then you upload your movie to the Stray Cinema site. Viewers can vote for their preferences.
There is a useful links page that includes free editing software and other resources.

It fascinates me that so many different interpretations and narratives can be derived from the same raw materials.

Could there be something in the idea for advertisers. Shoot the raw materials, make them available to consumers, allow them to decide which is best - reward them...Not sure what kind of result you'll get but I'm sure it could be fun.

Stray cinema

On a more cerebral plane: another interesting talk from the TED conference (thanks to Linds Redding of The Department of Motion Graphics for the heads up).

The digital revolution is over...we won! What happens after computing?

TED Talks


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