How to stuff a brand

I wrote a post - Ticked Off - about McDonald's getting the Heart Foundation Tick in Australia. Well the other day I was horrified to see an Eating Well commercial for, that's right...McDonald's. They have introduced a pasta shapes Happy Meal. And good for them.

The problem is that McD's still pump tons of fries and burgers into the population. The brand stands for that, not good nutrition (well in my mind - and let's not forget 'the consumer owns the brand').

The presence of McDonald's products in Eating Well undermines the whole propositon. If I was an advertiser like Healtheries I would be unhappy being housed in the same stable.

A principle isn't a principle until it costs you some money.

By the way, I stopped at McDonald's on the way up North with Zoƫ...she likes the Pasta Zoo shapes. I am so conflicted...


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