Impressionistic Journeys

One of my favourite Led Zeppelin songs is Kashmir. For years I thought Kashmir was in North Africa and not in the north of the Indian sub-continent. Singer Robert Plant said he wrote the piece in Morroco, the only place in Africa I have ever felt even slightly drawn to; an interest amplified when I read Keith Richards' biography. Morroco must have been very, very cool in the 60s/70s, a time when religion was less factional and made fraught by post 9/11 realpolitick.

Dave Grey of Xplane posted a YouTube movie of a traveller's sketch book which is just downright inspirational. When I followed the link back to YT and did a same user search I found the movie above, sketches in a small Moleskin notebook, mainly of people. I love it and am inspired.

Journaling is an important exercise, whether in words, or pictures - analog or digital. I have just come home from the beautiful Hokianga Harbour, where my daughter and I hung out for a couple of days. It was absolutely, insanely beautiful - the Winterless North has never been a more apt apellation. I would have liked to have drawn more, but that would have meant I couldn't have joined in the fun of fishing off the wharf. So I have made some video, and if I can figure out how to get it onto my computer I shall fill you with envy. Standby.


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