Easter Bunnies

I find New Zealand's observance of a partially commerce free Good Friday at odds with the idea of being a secular society. Why can't I buy groceries today? I don't share the supernatural delusions of Christians (I'm sorry, but people don't rise from the dead - unless they are not actually dead in the first place). If you choose to observe some other faith, then too bad you're stuffed too, not only is it a public holiday but shopkeepers stand to be fined if they prefer to worship Mammon instead.

While I fast (haven't got a thing in the house to eat) I will read my pile of books.
Thoroughly enjoying The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille - I 'hear' the words in an outrageous French accent, which is curious - linked to watching the video of C.R. in The Persuaders documentary featured on PBS' website. I like the simplicity of his theory. He is a fascinating fellow. Equally interested in the fact that he has patented his methodology. Surely once the recipe has been published it is in the public domain. Which leads me to the second book (or should I say document?) by Laurence Lessig: Free Culture where he discusses the implications of turning intellectual property into a gated community. Jon Steel's book Perfect Pitch has arrived from Amazon (arriving from the U.S. in an impressive 8 days - when I ordered the site suggested that it would be here by the 23rd of this month - a classic example of under-promising and over-delivering).

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