Do it outside

It fascinates me that the interest in guerrilla marketing techniques has increased exponentially in the past few years. The kind of gimmicks that were once favoured by direct marketing agencies have become a part of the mainstream. Of course stunts that are created to surprise a relatively few consumers as they go about their business on city streets will always have a limited effect, especially on New Zealand's streets where foot traffic counts are hardly what you might expect in Times Square or Oxford Street. The trick is to generate a media buzz around the idea and be talked bout via the news. As editors wise up to the situation this gets harder and (cynical flacks) that they sometimes are featuring in a story can mean enduring a negative counterspin.

Still, the ideas can be are a few sent to me by a colleague from BrandWorld:
lego outdoor advertising
Durex condom outdoor ad
Adidas outdoor ad

What do you think?


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