Ryhmes with polyunsaturated

When I worked at the coalface of advertising I had disdain for jingles. One of my favourite promos was a Christmas card by the once great Chiat Day in Los Angeles that read.

----- Bells
----- Bells
----- Bells

...we don't do jingles.
But I read today that Alan Morris - the Mo in Mojo - died from cancer. He was an important (maybe definitive) figure in mapping the Australian national character.
I met him at the Caxton awards one year. To say he was larger than life is like saying Australia is a little island off the coast of New Zealand.

Sad news.

Read the tribute from Stan Lee on his Brand DNA blog.

Morris and Johnstone wrote this over twenty years ago...and it's still running today:

Meadow Lea entered legend when the pair decided people were sick of hearing about the health benefits of margarines and found the only word that rhymed with "polyunsaturated" - from News.com.au

Populism is at the heart of good advertising, says Alan Morris, the copywriter who as one half of the Mojo partnership - the other was Allan Johnson - was at the vanguard of a new style of advertising in the 1970s that spoke with the voice of the consumer rather than the advertiser. "All the best advertising borrows from the vernacular and we just give it a twist and put the brand name in there," he says.
-From the Sydney Morning Herald


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