Rubbery view

I really must get myself a digital camera - these images come from the built in camera on my lap-top. In the mean-time here's a shot from my break away in Waipu. The view from the deck, through the large rubber tree's leaves. The trees on the ridge in the distance are on the left I (if you were wondering what that smudge is).

I like Waipu, it is a couple of hours from Auckland the beaches are beautiful, white sands. I preferred Uratiti to Waipu Cove because it is surrounded by conservation land rather than tacky real estate. Apparently it is also a nudist beach, but since Easter is really summer's last gasp, it was a little cool for those who prefer to let it all hang out.

It has just struck me that I have two weeks without having to deliver lectures, ah the academic calendar...I could get used to it. The break will give me a chance to get on top of some of the client projects I have on the go.


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