Notes from the cave

As the weather gets more winterish (hardly arctic, but you notice things in subtropical climes), I feel the need to hibernate a little. I would rather be at home with a good book than out and about. Even the books I have piled up are comfort books, essays about music and pop culture. Not contemporary stuff, nostalgic turns from old Rolling Stone editions. I've even been drawn to books about cottages - the idea of a small place nestled among some trees appeals. It is all fantasy, of course. It doesn't reflect my real life at all. Escapism.

I have made a decision to attempt to lose weight. Not that I have any particular obsession with body image or anything quite so radical. A health matter really. So I am guessing comfort food will be going out the window and wine will be off the menu. The swimming pool is calling me - the only excercise I enjoy. My goal is 84 kilos from 90.

It is the school holidays, the university is out and I have a week with my daughter. Thinking of heading north for a few days - so things might get a little quiet around here.


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