Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks

Maybe so, but at least Starbucks offers free wireless access in conjuction with the Telecom, so this is my office for the morning. Sure a couple of doors down there are two or three much funkier cafes but, hey, here I get comfortable chair. It is virtually empty and the music is surprisingly edgy without being the 'doof doof doof' stuff that some of the places around here prefer.

I'm working on a plan to figure out how to move out of Auckland, maybe to somewhere like Waipu or the Hokianga and make my living entirely from the internet. I don't quite know how viable it will be and there are issues like children to consider but I am certain that I can work something out. The more I head out of the city on jaunts the more I envy the lifestyle of people who live in the real New Zealand. All I need is a fast web connection and an idea...

Papers to modernism and pop culture...It's a hard life.


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