Got Milk?

Here's a new tool I think you might find useful. Sign up. It's free. As I am the least organised person on the planet every little might help me.

One of the things about applications like Remember the Milk that fascinate me is that they are very much an expression of Web 2.0.

For a long time I wondered what people were talking about when they said Web 2.0. I felt anxious and threatened. I had only just come to terms with Web 1.0. Then I grew to enjoy it and ease into the idea that the web isn't an extension of mass media (the eyeballs mentality - we speak, you listen), but something entirely different. A gigantic dialogue. A pluralog - did I just coin a phrase? - feel free to use it). Blogging gave voice to anyone with the energy to tap out a greeting. What a Tsunami of pent up energy there seems to have been.

Convergent technologies like cheap digital video and editing helped give rise to the alleged Generation 'C'. C for create (the generation that knows no age). A media handle that goes part of the way to describing a phenomenon in progress. We love to dissect and define. But the problem with dissection is that it takes the life out of the subject.

Web 2.0 seems to be the emergence of the dynamically useful web, rather than the passively useful web (wikipedia, google etc). Tools, gadgets and widgets are popping up that might make life a little easier and a little easier and more fun.

I have heard that Adobe are developing versions of photoshop and a video editing programme that will be accessed (free?) online - no doubt supported by advertising.
Sounds good to me.


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