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I have commented before about the odd loneliness of blogging. Sitting at the computer writing about everything and nothing without ever really know who you talking to or where they is an odd experience - but one that years of writing ads prepared me for. Often the only direct contact with members of the 'target audience' was observing them through a one way mirror in focus group situations.

Tools like the Clustermap (shown above and regularly stuck down on the bottom right) offer at least some kind of feedback - as do the statisitics I get from (below)

blog stats

But statistics aside - the feedback I enjoy most is the human contact from individuals who sometimes leave remarks. It's nice to know you're not alone.

Easter is coming so, here's a little something from my inbox...
Easter Bunnies


  1. I suppose blogging can be an odd and even lonely experience. I'm glad you've decided to do it anyway.
    I really enjoy what you write. You manage to be both thought provoking and funny. Which isn't easy.


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