This is it

Tom Peters might rub some people up the wrong way, but that is ok. He's a brand and great brands have the people who love them and the people who don't (or worse). Great brands have great stories. Great stories have protagonists and antagonists. I like to think of The Lord of the Rings as an example. If Frodo and Sam had jumped on the Number 10 bus to Mt Doom, chucked the ring into the abyss, then headed for home in a taxi (feeling that their efforts deserved a small reward), then it wouldn't be much of a story. Great stories have someone who wants something and someone else who wants to stop them from accomplishing it - another day in the Dilbert office.

But anyway, I was flipping through a PowerPoint presentation of Mr Peters' when I came across this remark:

A single day can have as much legacy as a lifetime. In fact it had better be the case! Why? Because the day stretching out before me...filled (at the moment) with limitless all I have!

Does that resonate with you too?

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