Church & State

My colleagues at HB Media (with whom I created Idealog magazine - the biggest business magazine in New Zealand)have just launched their next publication.

It is called Inspire and I look forward to seeing Issue one.
Frankly I don't have much hope for it being much more than a brochure. Hopefully that won't be taken wrongly. It is, after all a contract publishing job. The critical function of the editor will be demoted to sub-editorial function - grammar and spelling.
But it looks perdy - if the site is anything to go by.

The challenge for publishers (as they become the new advertising agencies - YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST) will be how to develop the same critical disciplines that the best advertising agencies have - the strategic communication planning function.

Being able to construct a magazine is a waste of trees and ink (and every other resource associated with the creation, production, distribution and disposal of magazines) if it doesn't connect and effect sales.

The talents and skill of the editorial teams and designers need to be brought to bear on wider issues - not simply the tactical, project based requirements of 'publishing'.

"jez 'cause dey perdy, don mean dey so nice." Muddy Waters


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