Pjotro and his musical suit

This guy has gone to a lot of trouble. He deserves your attention.

I visited with my friend Geoff Peacock today. Geoff bought my business in the mid-nineties and was a paragon of direct marketing before cashing up to become a property developer. He wanted to show me the home in Parnell that he has virtually finished building.

Geoff does his own labouring. I respect that and his pride in the finished job. When you invest of yourself and not simply plough cash into a project it shows. We talked in the sun for two hours and agreed to play a game of golf. Don't get me wrong-I'm not a golf guy, but I like his company. His partner Sarah is the managing director of Healtheries. Geoff proudly recounts his role as 'house husband', not just building it, but taking care of all of the support roles and loving it.

He's a hunting, fishing outdoorsman and I'm keen to introduce him to my mate Mark Hindmarsh - whose idea of fun is sitting in the wet and cold and waiting for a flight of ducks to appear in range overhead...

...which brings me full circle.

It takes all sorts.


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