So Suess me

Bob Dylan sings Suess
. A slightly surreal singing sensation. Ok, enough with the alliteration already. I found this artifact on the Rocketboom site (which I liked, but find the novelty is wearing can be a little too self conscious and errs on the cheesy side).

I like Bob Dylan. I didn't always like Bob Dylan. But he kind of grows on you. The video by Martin Scorcese No Direction Home was the turning point. (Apparently Scorcese never met Dylan - spot of trivia there for you).

In one of those convergent moments I also read a terrific article in the New Yorker about Dylan. Interesting quote:

The discrepancy between Dylan the interview subject and Dylan the musician is not an artifact of celebrity. It seems to have been part of the deal from the start. On most subjects that normal people talk about, Dylan seems either not to have views or to have views indistinguishable from everyone else.

The Suess site is kid of cool in a pointless (or point unknown) way. If you're a fan the music is obscure cool and corroborates another interesting point that signs off the article:

"90 percent of musicianship is phrasing, and the easiest way to appreciate Dylan's genius for phrasing is to listen to him, on bootlegs or on the late albums of traditional songs, perform songs that he didn't write-"Folsom Prison Blues", or "People get ready", or "Froggie went a courtin'".He gets it all. When my children were little, we used to have a cassette around the house of songs for kids by pop stars, n which Dylan did "This Old Man"("With a knick-knack paddywhack give the dog a bone). That performance had the weight of the world in it. I listened to it a hundred times and never got tired of it. You can refute Hegel, Yeats said, but not the Song of Sixpence."

...or "Green Eggs and Ham".


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