Lazy Sunday

It is Sunday. the weather is very, very gloomy. Winter is on its way (or at least summer is in retreat).

I have just installed a plug in to my Firefox browser called Stumble (a recommendation by Philip Slade, a member of my Ziki community in the UK). You choose the topics that interest you. When you click the Stumble button in the browser toolbar it randomly goes to a page that might be of interest. Users vote on the site's via a sort of 'love it or shove it' tool. I have had a few go's and only come up with one dull (though beautifully executed page).

So far this has been my favourite:

One other tool I have been playing with is the Web TV utility called Joost which is in Beta. You can watch MTV shows, some National Geographic, the car show 5th Gear and a bunch of other stuff I have yet to figure out. Who knows what it is doing to my bandwidth consumption. I think you can sign up as a Beta tester (though if you need an invitation just drop me a line).



  1. Hi, the video is great. It's Paris subway I think.
    And yes, if you have Joost invites, I would love to have one. You can drop me a line here: saskia (at) graffiti (dot) net.



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