Out of Africa

Ricky Gervais has a way of giving topics a surprising new spin - and this is no exception:

I have been thinking about the recent noises by the New Zealand Maori Party regarding their 'customary rights' to New Zealand's fresh water supply.

I find it odd that, in a supposedly secular country, one segment of the population is given the lever of exaggerated supernaturalism to exert economic pressure of the majority of New Zealanders.

Taking the risk of being considered a bigot (I'm not, I believe strongly in equal opportunities for all and my daughter is of partly maori descent) I'd like to see the end of cockamamy, divisive claims to resources.

Likewise observing the concept of the 'crown' is antiquated, vile and based on supernatural beliefs (why do you accept that the children of Charles Windsor and Diana Spencer are 'superior' to yours or mine by birth ?). Eliminate fealty to the English monarchy and the Treaty of Waitangi will be voided - which explains maoridom's love of royalty.

My family migrated here from Scotland to escape this sort of rot.

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