Naked Activism

Peta have a radical view of the world. Or so it seems now. Perhaps one day they will be the establishment. Stranger things have happened.

I was interested in this communication because it unequivically makes its point, but also engages in a user-friendly way. The traditions of shock and horror - blood splattering and confrontation wear thin over time. The audience becomes immunised from response, desensitised to the message. The same is as true for driver safety campaigns as it is for public health issues like AIDS/HIV.

Before you watch, I warn you that this video contains full frontal nudity. It's your choice to watch or not.

Watch more PETA videos at

Perhaps to get your message across you need to lay yourself bare.
Though I am not sure I am ready for Al Gore's revelations and I wonder whether it is any worse exploiting vulnerable young women than it is to feed and clothe populations with animal products.

It's hard making moral choices, ...isn't it.

P.S. I thought naming the PETA blog Petafiles a little curious.


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